Kegel8 Ultra 20 V2 Electronic Pelvic Toner

Kegel8 Ultra 20 V2 Electronic Pelvic Toner

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  • Automatically activates weak pelvic floor muscles and calms bladder nerves using e-stim for clinically proven results. Locates and exercises kegel muscles even if you can't, restoring strength and control in weeks.
  • Strengthen & rehabilitate with the UK's best selling pelvic exerciser, 20 clinically approved pelvic floor exercise programmes - the most comprehensive pelvic exercise system, made here in the UK.
  • Patented 'Smile' screen ensures you see AND feel when your pelvic floor muscles are exercising to help re-educate your brain to control your bladder again to stop leaks.
  • 9 Condition Plans inc Prolapse, Intimacy, Leaks, Pelvic Pain, New Mums, Post surgery, Menopause to treat pelvic problems in just 12 weeks devised by top Pelvic Physio Amanda Savage means you get the best results for your condition
  • Class 2a Medical device which is also available VAT free.

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12 week exercise plans for:

Stronger Pelvic Floor Muscles


Better sexual sensation


Pelvic organ prolapse


Leaks & sensitive bladders


Menopausal & perimenopausal pelvic floor


What our customers say about the Ultra 20 v2

Having had two repairs each for prolapsed bladder and bowel, the last two just over a year ago, I was devastated to find I had another small bladder prolapse. Surgeon has suggested further surgery. I had previously purchased a similar product to Kegel 8 some years ago and felt it didn't make any difference, although I did use regularly. Took the plunge and bought the ultra plus a couple of weeks ago. Within days of using I can feel the difference. No longer do I have vaginal noise and a feeling of fullness and dragging. Better still I no longer have to use pads "just in case". I have been referred to a continence nurse in preparation for surgery to ensure that I know how to do my pelvic floor exercises. I have deferred the appointment, because I have confidence that if used regularly the ultra plus will work. My husband has already commented that there is a marked difference - if it can do that in two weeks then I am looking forward to the three month results!! ...


I was nervous about two things: spending a lot of money on something I'd only seen on the internet, not heard of from a 'real' person - and also nervous about using something internally as I freak out during smear tests as they are so painful - I get vaginismus (also during sexual intercourse). Nevertheless I went ahead because I saw my middle age incontinence just getting worse and worse. I'm so delighted with this product - I use it twice daily on programme 3 for urge incontinence and can relax and listen to my favourite radio programmes whilst using it. I get to my front door, get the key in the door and can just about hold it in now without leaking only after two weeks of use at 30 to 40 MA. I long for the day when I may be able to do without pads and if things keep improving at the same rate I believe this day will come. At first I found the sensation rather strange but I've come to associate such positive results that I now enjoy using the machine.


I wonder why I took so long for me to do something about the problem I had with leaking. It had got to the stage that even going downstairs I would leak and when the lift at work broke I was goind down 3 flights of stairs and I could feel the leaks onvirtually every one. My sex life was non existant - we'll the occasional fumble, but I hadnt had an orgasm through sex for ages. I did some background research and my sister in law sore by her kegel8 so much so that I decided to try it. I havent got a prolapse like she has thankfully, but I know that something was not right. She wouldnt let me borrow hers (I would have bought a new probe) but I can understand that, she said it was such a lifeline that she didn't want to be without it (she has a stage 2 cystercele I think its called). I am 4 weeks into using this and I haven't leaked at all today so I want to dispense with the fuc**ng horribly panty pads that I had come to rely on over the last few years. I am almost ashamed ...


It is early days but I am extremely positive that I will continue to see results as I feel a slight improvement already. I am 64, I don't suffer from a weak bladder, I have not been to the doctor but I do feel a bulge and can only think this would get worse as time goes on. The bulge makes me feel down and I can't function properly as it is constantly on my mind. I have been doing exercises for the past 6 months but wish I had bought the Kegel8 Ultra 20 sooner.


I knew I needed something to tighten me up, but I hadn't realised that there was something like this available! Quite honestly it is amazing, Hubby thinks it is wonderful and when I had a 2 week break recently he noticed straight away, it is that effective! Yes you do have to use it regularly, but for someone like me who goes to the gym, walks the dog, it just becomes part of my routine. I now use it 2/3 times a week. I don't have any leaks or mishaps, and my love-life is better than it has been for a decade. I tell all my friends, some have bought, some are embarrassed that I am talking so candidly about my problem/solution. These should be available on the NHS, simple as that! My sister bought one, she has a prolapse and is facing surgery, but she hopes with regular use she can stop it getting worse and hopefully avoid the knife! Can I also say that for the first time in my life I can have multiple orgasms – now if that’s not a healthy “side effect” I don’t know what is!...

Jodie B

What's in the box?

The Kegel8 Ultra 20 comes with everything you need to start strengthening your pelvic floor right away. Plus, it includes an extensive Let's Get Started Guide & a 12-week programme specifically tailored to your condition.

  • Kegel8 Ultra20 Electronic Pelvic Toner
  • Carry Case
  • Let's Get Started Guide
  • Kegel8 Probe
  • 4 x Electrode Pads
  • 2 x Lead Wires
  • 9V Battery
  • Kegel8 Conductivity Gel 10ml

How it works

  • Week 1

    With your sessions your toner will help you find your pelvic floor muscles

  • Week 4

    You'll start to feel a real difference. More control, less leaks, more confidence

  • Week 12

    Your pelvic floor is strong and you're living life without leaks and sudden urges!

  • Customer Reviews

    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    Only used twice so this ...
    Review by Jojoannie
    Only used twice so this is an initial review and i can make another review on week 12. Having had the femiwand HIFU 2 years ago this worked to tighten the vaginal wall but is expensive and does need to be topped up yearly. Decided to try this machine as more convenient and offers more variety and targeted areas. Initial impression is great all seems to work as stated. Not sure from instruction manual if there is a limit on ma for the vaginal probe on all programs or just the po8 one.
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    I purchased this Kegel8 Ultra because of prolapse symptoms and to tighten up!
    Review by Caltee22
    I purchased this Kegel8 Ultra in November 2020. I have had it for 6 months and wanted to wait a while before writing a review. Kegel8 asked me to review it around 4 weeks after purchased, but I wanted to give it more time to give a more honest and 'real' review.

    I traded in my older 'tight & tone Kegel8' for this one as I felt my prolapse symptoms getting worse (to be honest, I hadn't used my tight & tone machine for a while!). I received a trade in discount of £50 towards the ultra machine.

    I felt like I was sitting on an egg or a hard ball and I was having trouble keeping tampons in, so needed to do something about it and quick. I saw my GP who diagnosed the prolapse and said I would probably need surgery as it was a grade 2-3. I didn't want to go down the surgery route, so purchased this.

    I could tell this was a better machine as soon as I started using it. After 2 months my symptoms and my prolapse really, really improved. The difference was really noticeable. I no longer feel that 'dragging' feeling but it is still there and it hasn't cured it totally. I am still using it though. I use programme 3 and 15 as per the instructions for the prolapse.

    I also have a bit of stress and urge incontinence (mixed) so have been using these programmes too . I haven't seen much improvement in the incontinence areas, but haven't really been out as much socially due to the pandemic, so not been worried about 'finding the next toilet' etc.

    I would like things a little tighter down there too and I haven't noticed any difference - but think hubby has!!

    It needs consistent use for it to work. I could have given up, but after 2 months of twice daily use, my prolapse has definitely improved and that was the main thing I purchased this item for, so please, please continue with it - even when you think it isn't making a difference - all of a sudden you will feel the difference.

    I am so pleased I purchased this.....I am sat using it as I type this review! :-)
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    Good but I do have ...
    Review by Kat
    Good but I do have a niggle. The probe feels like it was designed by a man. You have to insert it with your fingers. For me to get it into the right place I have to push it as far as I can. Until it’s just my finger tip touching it. Getting it out requires pulling on the wire, which worries me that it will eventually break it. It doesn’t feel that it was designed by someone who had inserted it into themselves. Why do we have to use our finger and then have to wash our hands? Even tampons have applicators. It could have been designed with a plastic tail that could be used to insert and extract. That would have made it much more user friendly. And easier to get into the right place.

    Buyer: Don’t let this put you off buying the Kegel as it seems to work.

    Kegel: However please Kegel, can you add to the probe to make it easier to insert and extract? Thank you.
    Product Rating
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    Prompt Delivery
    Review by Julia
    Prompt delivery and clear instructions with the pack.
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    So brought this but I ...not that happy
    Review by Sue
    So brought this but I am having difficulty using the prob, it is very difficult to insert, it feels very uncomfortable when inserted. Not sure if the machine is any good as hard to get past the prob issue, such a lot of money and I can’t find out if it works well or not. Trying to persevere but not easy.
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    I am a 31 year ...
    Review by 31F
    I am a 31 year old female. I've had one child vaginally when i was 16 years old. But recently I had noticed I wasn't really feeling my partner as much as I used to.. so I googled to see what I could do to help my situation. Surgery was out of the question. I came across this little beauty. At first I was worried about spending so much on something I wasn't sure would work. But I jumped in with two feet. Was so excited when it came. I can confirm it has made a difference. I can now feel my partner. And he has noticed the difference. You do have to do it twice daily if time allows for a good 3/4 months. I used to also have a very weak bladder. I've had no accidents since using this machine. Lots of brilliant settings. I tend to use programme 7. Go for it. You won't be disappointed. And keep at it.
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    Post Surgical Rectocele Repair
    Review by Fiona, 29
    I came across Kegel8 in a Google search, I read the reviews and the cynic in me was concerned they were fake or paid for reviews - but low and behold..

    I have used Kegal8 for 6-7 weeks now and honestly I noticed marked improvements from the get go.
    I am 29, and had a 9lb baby at 19 years old (natural birth), which lead to a surgical repair some years later of 34 mm anterior rectocele and grade III intra anal intussusception, a moderate cystocele, and small enterocele.

    Since giving birth, i just haven't quite been the same again "down there". My pelvic floors not great, dribbling wee when i sneeze or try to pass wind, and I didn't feel as toned as I once was.
    I tried pelvic floors, and had biofeedback sessions fortnightly, but I never really felt a marked improvement, until I tried Kegel8.

    My own KPI? Hayfever season has hit and i've not had a signal leak/accident (and don't find myself crossing my legs when i sneeze!).
    My partner politely commented recently too, that he feels the difference, in that I am squeezing tighter during sex - it has really built up my confidence.

    When i first started using Kegel8 i was having to use it at a high level, as frankly i couldn't feel it! But as time has passed and i have used it 4-5 times a week, i am using a lower level and feeling the 'tingles', so there is marked nerve improvement.

    The only downside i would say is i found the leaflet a bit confusing, scattered & overwhelming. I read through many times, but i couldn't really understand how to use it, what programme to put it on or what each programme was for. I also stuck the pads on myself, but later realised i didn't need them. So my partner had to go through it with me again and we worked it out together.

    I really do recommend this product, I'm so glad i did, it's a bit of a life changer, frankly.
    Oh, and another piece of advice? Don't use it before intercourse, as I personally find myself a little de-sensitised for a while after and cant reach orgasm. Give it an hour! ;)
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    struggling to know how to ...
    Review by cream cake
    struggling to know how to use this/ which programme to use and finding it uncomfortable at times - but not others. This has been very disappointing after reading reviews of improvements noticed within a couple of weeks. currently not sure if i have bought the right product.
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    It is the best way to do Kegels.
    Review by Julia
    Interesting experience, hope it would work and improve my prolapse condition.
    Product Rating
    star star star star star
    Stick with it for 3 months - it works!
    Review by Lizzie
    If only we had known when we had our babies what would occur if we didn’t do the pelvic floor exercises as we were all told to! I always thought ‘yeah, yeah, it won’t happen to ME!’

    Have been using this twice a day for 3 1/2 months, having had it recommended by my female GP. At first I found the instruction manual not very clear, but the helpline personal phone calls are very reassuring. I was diagnosed with a prolapsed uterus plus a rectocele ( weakness in the rectum causing a bulge into the vagina). I went for a check-up and internal examination last week and my GP was very impressed - said the cervix had withdrawn right up to the top again, and my pelvic tone was hugely improved. I certainly don’t have the dragging feeling any more. She said the rectocele was still present though. I wondered if I should buy the anal probe to try that but GP wasn’t keen ( don’t know why). I have been using P03 and P17, thought I might switch to P16, which is a bit stronger ( although I don’t have faecal incontinence). Am very very pleased with the results and would thoroughly recommend it.

    A gynaecologist friend had told me it was best to avoid surgery as a) there are obvious risks to surgery, and b) it often comes back. The only other alternative is a ring pessary combined with ‘voluntary’ pelvic floor exercises. The Kegel is so much easier and obviously works. I plan to continue twice daily for the time being, and if the rectocele ever goes, reduce to twice weekly to maintain good pelvic floor tone.
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    Frequently asked questions

    Can a Kegel8 Ultra 20 fix my prolapse?

    Prolapse is devastating.  The first thing any woman should do is to start doing effective pelvic floor exercises, this is to manage the prolapse, stop it getting worse or dropping down further out of position. E-stim improves the health of the pelvic floor tissues and seems to be effective in counteracting muscle atrophy. Top UK Physio, Amanda Savage has devised a comprehensive 12-week programme for prolapse to build muscle tone to make a thicker support shelf when you are lifting and carrying things.

    What’s the difference between this device and me doing the exercises on my own?

    Lots – 30% of women do their Kegel exercises incorrectly; some push downwards, which, rather than strengthening can lead to further damage. Featuring a patented ‘Kegel smile’ screen, timed programmes and an internal probe which finds and treats the muscles, this e-stim device is a revolution for your pelvic floor. It automatically exercises the right muscles no matter how weak they are, for the correct length of time. Every time.

    I’m just not that technical and yet it feels a bit overwhelming? Is it me?

    For 20 years, Kegel8 has pioneered effective ways to treat pelvic floor problems at home. With 12-week programmes, it’s pre-set and ready to go, automatically exercising the correct muscles for 9 different pelvic floor conditions.  The patented screen shows when your muscles contract and relax (work and rest) helping to re-sync your brain and pelvic floor for proven clinical results.

    It might sound technical – it is a registered medical device, after all.  But technical ability is not needed - all you need to do is use it, and that is EASY!

    My bladder is ruling my life, can this help me.

    Absolutely. Do you also restrict the amount of liquids you drink; wear pads for leaks and have frequent changes of clothes too? 

    So many Kegel8 users will say ‘I wish I had found this sooner!’ They have put up with, in some cases for years - leaks, accidents and embarrassment. Don’t just ‘put up with it’ because 1 in 10 women suffering leaks will go onto have bowel leaks too. Regaining control is so empowering, Kegel8 is with you every step of the way.

    I bought another pelvic device, and it didn’t work, why is this one different?

    We understand, and for 20 years we have taken the guesswork out of home treatment and learned a thing or two. We like to think we do a great job because we offer a no-quibble 90-day Money Back Guarantee. So, if you’re not stronger, we’ve not done our job!

    We also offer a £50 Trade in Service – with £50 off a Kegel8 Ultra 20 v2 – so come to Kegel8 and get strong NOW! 

    I had vaginal mesh surgery - can use Kegel8 Ultra 20 V2?

    Yes! The Kegel8 Ultra 20 V2 can be used if you have vaginal mesh surgery or mesh for prolapse. Even after surgery, pelvic floor muscles will still need to be exercised and strengthened to prevent other pelvic organs from prolapsing. E-stim improves the health of the pelvic floor tissues and seems to be effective in counteracting muscle atrophy and muscle dysfunction. This is a Class 2a medical device made here in the UK. E-stim is clinically proven to work and it automatically locates and exercises the right muscles for the optimum length of time, without over exercising them.