You may be thinking 'where do I begin?' and you wouldn't be on your own. But don't worry - choosing the right Kegel8 for you is really not as complicated as it may at first seem and we are here to give you our recommendations.

Which Electronic Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Toner?

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As low as £139.99
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Recommended for:

  • Significant Leaks
  • Prolapse / rehabilitation after surgery
  • Lack of intimate sensation
  • Pre/post menopause
Pelvic floor exerciser for leaks and prolapse, kegel exercises, pelvic floor therapy, stronger pelvic floor, NMES pelvic floor device, kegel exerciser using estim, fast kegel exercises.
As low as £99.99
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Recommended for:

  • Light leaks
  • Prevention of pelvic floor weakness
  • Improve intimate sensation
  • Pelvic tone maintenance

*Kegel8 Tight & Tone offers the same features but includes an additional probe

Which Manual Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Toner?

Kegel exercise weights, stronger pelvic floor muscles kegel balls, weighted kegel exerciser stops leaks and incontinence in weeks, medical version of ben wa balls and jade eggs
As low as £33.32
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  • 3 varying weights and sizes
  • Progressive exercise at home
  • "Correct Kegel" indicator wand
  • Physiotherapist exercise plan
Kegel exerciser measures your pelvic floor muscle strength, helps you squeeze and exercise pelvic floor muscles for better results in just 12 weeks of pelvic floor exercising.
As low as £66.66
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  • Inflatable vaginal probe
  • Visual and audible prompts
  • Measures pelvic floor muscle strength
  • Exercise and strength test modes